Be sure to check the schedule for updates, subs or cancellations & to secure your spot in class on our free Namastuy App or with Mind Body Online.
**DB / darker green classes indicate a Donation Based class on a sliding scale from $8-18 / Meditation $4-9


    Some helpful things to know before your first visit:

  • We are a teacher run community, without a front desk

  • Be sure to register before class through the link above or the Mind Body App to secure a spot & confirm any schedule changes

  • Arrive 10 - 15 minutes prior to class start in order to settle in

  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class in order to keep reservations made in advance, your spot may be given to a student waitlisted otherwise

  • Doors close when class starts. Honoring the gravity of the practice, we allow no latecomers, sorry not sorry

  • Leave your concerns and shoes at the door, hang your coat and head to the back to check in for class

  • Please be mindful, our studio is a shoeless, cell phone free zone

  • Help us maintain a sacred “chill” escape haven by silencing your phone and storing it in the back, along with your personal belongings. We have a charging station available if needed

  • No mat? No worries! we have super grippy B-Yoga Mats available for rent. Please bring a small token of appreciation for our mat-donation-box

  • With respect to everyone, we ask all students to practice with a top on

  • Yoga is a barefoot practice, avoid big meals prior to class, wear loose fitting or any other comfortable clothing

  • We have water if you get thirsty

  • Lastly, listen to your body, take breaks when you need to & have fun moving, exploring and growing in commUNITY



Daybreak. A fluid, moderate flow arranged to gradually awaken the body and prep the mind. Modifications and props are used to make postures accessible to any level student. Ease into your day, breath by breath, start it on a balanced path.

Organic. This class roots from the foundations of yoga. This classical practice focuses on held postures that allow students to gain alignment knowledge, as well as muscle integration to create a practice truly their own.  Breath exercises known as pranayama are offered to increase breath awareness and increase the benefit of the practice. Accessible to students of any level, great for beginners. Come, cultivate  the union of mind, body, and soul..

Dynamic. A fluid, guided breath to breath practice arranged to utilize postures to increase focus, as well as body awareness. Heavy alignment cues are used to guide students to a deeper level of intelligence that grants the freedom to heal and transform. Classes offer an opportunity for pranayama, as well as meditation. This class  is beneficial to every student, as it increases focus and relief from daily stressors. Props are utilized to make postures accessible to all levels.

Glow. A fast paced, fluid practice that has a strong focus on breath to build heat from within. Students are guided through a sequence that will increase flexibility, as well as stability. Modifications and props are offered to make the class accessible to any level.

Do then Be. Fluid, breath to breath movement that increases mobility and enhances body awareness. Along with guided movement, pranayama is also offered to help reduce anxiety and center self. Following cycles of dynamic movement, utilizing props, restorative poses are incorporated to encourage ease, comfort and restore mind and body. This class is beneficial to students at any level, good if seeking an active flow with an opportunity to restore.

Chill out?! Slow down and self care. A practice that utilizes props to create comfort and ease in positions to facilitate relaxation and an opportunity to “reset”. A practice of intentional stillness that sets the platform for simply “BEING”, rather than the constant “DOING”. Gentle twists, supported forward folds, backbends and supported inversions giveaway for expansion of breath. Accessible to any level, great for injuries. Leave feeling well balanced and in harmony.

CommUNITY. A steady, breath to breath Vinyasa practice guided through alignment cues that creates mindfulness that increases the student's physical and mental awareness. Modifications are offered to make it accessible to all levels. Come, let’s move as one!

Mindful. This melodic practice offers sun salutations, standing postures and deep stretches to melt the body into its natural alignment and release stress.  Benefits students of any level as it is gradually paced, great for beginners. A great way to ease into self care and self love.

Unplug together.  A guided meditation in commUNITY that supports relaxation, reduces stress for higher engagement and healthier decision-making. Classes are accessible to all levels, sessions are based on guided mindfulness and loving-kindness meditations. Practical application of ancient principles that have been scientifically proven to support mental and physical healing.

Practice for FREE. Every Saturday at 4pm - Community class is free for anyone who needs yoga but can't afford class, donations from those who CAN are greatly appreciated. All proceeds of our Saturday community classes will go to 'Liberation Prison Yoga', a non profit organization bringing trauma informed yoga and meditation to prisons and jails in and around NYC. So you can get to know our teaching staff, teachers are rotating every week

Feet on the Ground. Through the movement and breath of yoga, we will explore, boundaries of self, what it’s like to embrace agency of one’s own body, and whatever else comes up. This practice will include tons of options and variations to allow you the space to create a practice that suits your needs in the present moment. How can we use yogic practices to foster mental resilience and notice a sense of gratitude for our own bodies? Let's explore together what that might look like for each of us as individuals. This class is open to ALL& is taught with Trauma sensitive teaching in mind. No prior yoga experience is necessary. This class is free for those who can not afford to pay, all proceeds of this Thursday 5pm class will go directly to support the non profit organization ‘Feet on the Ground’.


Surya Flow








Vinyasa II


Flow & Restore




Donation Based Vinyasa
sliding scale $8-18

Donation Based Hatha
sliding scale $8-18

Donation Based guided Meditation
sliding scale $8-18

Community Class for Liberation Prison Yoga
Free - Donations are greatly appreciated

Trauma Compassionate Yoga
Free - Donations are greatly appreciated