One of the goals of Namastuy is to integrate art more into our daily living and communal space.
To share unique perspectives relative to life, mindfulness, yoga and healing related subjects with everyone who walks through our doors, we showcase a new artist's work quarterly.
Are you an Artist and would like us to feature your work at Namastuy? Send us your portfolio below.


'Mahavidya' by Katie Skau - 05/21/2017

Katie Skau is an illustrator and yoga teacher living in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Communication Design with a focus on Illustration. Katie’s work combines cut paper with a collage of fabric and mixed media. She focuses on the beauty of nature in fairy tales and whimsical childhood dreams, telling classic poems and folk tales through the medium of paper. Each piece is individually hand-cut using an x-acto knife as well as other tools to create intricate details.

Katie works as an illustrator, freelancer, designer, not limiting herself to any one type of project.  She takes on a variety of work as well as welcoming individual requests for projects or artwork.


Grand Opening - 'Asana' by Luciano Fontanez - 02/12/2017

Luciano Fontanez is a Brooklyn based designer, painter and sculptor, working mostly in watercolor and ink, wood, metal, plastic and fabrics.  Born and raised in Park Slope Brooklyn, Luciano graduated from Pratt Institute, earning his Bachelors degree in Industrial Design.  Luciano’s work can be figurative or abstract, often blending several styles and art movements to achieve the desired look of what he is trying to communicate.  Design is a key factor in his work, not just the overall design of the composition, but the objects, shapes and spaces of any given piece.  He’s been designing product for the past 13 years, working with many apparel brands, and has become successful at providing customers with just the right item that they desire.  The products Luciano has worked on can be found across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Europe.


Soft Opening - 'Creating the Chakras' Brittni Winkler - 01/01/17

To start off the new year we opened the doors of the collective to the community for the first time. With a very special art performance titled "Creating the Chakras" by one of our Vinyasa and Restorative sub teachers Brittni Winkler. The performance art piece combines acrylic paint all over her body, a 16 foot by 3 foot, large canvas taped to the floor (acting as a yoga mat), and yoga poses themselves as the creator of forms on the canvas. You are able to see pieces of Brittnis work on display until our Grand Opening on February 12th 2017.