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NamastuyFly - Yoga Trapeze classes at CrossfitOutbreak

Every Saturday & Sunday starting in May!

In this anti-gravity class students combine classic asanas with elements of trapeze. This class will strengthen core, release daily tension placed on the body and spine and is great for alleviating back discomfort. Classes also offer meditative benefits, in addition to a overall body awareness that will leave students feeling energized, empowered and positive. Take flight and improve your strength, flexibility and spinal health and decrease stress. Great for students at any level. (Not suited for pregnant bodies or if you have glaucoma) 

In one week we are starting with a class size of six for Namastuy customers. Pre-registration is highly recommended: Sign up with NamastuyFly Drop-In or 5 & 10 NamastuyFly Class Packs. Soon Trapeze classes will be available for our members (as soon as we can increase class size) Don’t forget, these classes take place at Crossfit-Outbreaks Bed-stuy location on 492 Throop Avenue